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~Classical-Crossover Artist from Japan~

Having graduated from the Queensland Conservatorium of music (Australia) with a bachelor of music degree, majoring in Voice; Kanon is a high profile singer-song-writer, noted for her clear voice and brilliant song writing.
In 2003, she performed in various places for the "Japan Year in Moscow", including the Moscow Baptist Church, Red Square, Maly Theatre and nursing homes, while winning acclaim for having a "divine voice that surpasses healing". In 2004, she released her 1st album "Hymn of Grace" from BGB Regords. In the same year, she signed a contract with Sony Music Japan International.
In 2005, she sang the Japanese national anthem solo at the "Public Viewing of the Final Asian Qualifier Game (North Korea vs. Japan) for the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany".
In 2007, she attended “MIDEM 2007”, which is the largest international music festival in the world held in Canne, France, as a Japanese representative. In the same year, she was invited to a fashion show in Italy as a guest artist, and performed in front of 20000 people.
In 2008, when her song “Wings to fly” was used in NHK-TV drama “Chiritotechin”, big responses were found from all over Japan. Her album including this song marked No.1 on the Amazon chart, in Japanese pop music category. (This version of “Wings to Fly” was laterrecorded by Susan Boyle, which was released as a Japanese version bonus track of her new album, "I dreamed a dream".)
In the same year, her original song “Asueno-Kodo” was chosen as a theme song of sports programs on NHK-TV. Consequently, her success was introduced on NHK news program.
In 2009, her original song “Saga~This is my road” has been broadcasted as an ending theme song of NHK-TV animation “Guin Saga”, until March 2010.
Kanon is also highly praised overseas for her numerous works including "My Destiny"(Ending theme) and "Gloria" (insertion) of the TV animation "Angel Heart", and "Brand New Breeze" (Theme song) of "La corda d’oro~primo passo".

New album "Lullaby with Love - Ai wo Tsumugu Komoriuta -"

Lullaby with Love - Ai wo Tsumugu Komoriuta -

Album"A New Story"Supervised by Nobuo Uematsu,
Jacket illustration by Yoshitaka Amano

"Prelude", "FINAL FANTASY", "Eyes On Me", Searching For Friends"(from "FINAL FANTASY") are included in this album. Lyrics for "Prelude", "FINAL FANTASY", and "Searching For Friends" have been especially written for this album by Kanon.

カノンアルバム 「A New Story」 初回仕様限定盤(豪華デジパック仕様) The first press limited edition     カノンアルバム 「A New Story」通常盤Normal edition

Songs from 「A New Story」(except "Toberumono") are available from "itunes" and "amazon" in 12 countries below:
US/ Canada/UK/ France/ Germany/ Italy/ Spain/ Finland/ Sweden/ Russia/Australia/ NZ

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